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HYGIEIA: A Woman's Herbal
By Jeannine Parvati Baker

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HYGIEIA is the Greek Goddess of Healing and the root of our English word, hygiene. This book is for the soul hygiene of women so that we might be our own gyn/ecologists and midwives. Originally published in 1978, the author meets young women all over the world who grew up with HYGIEIA in their mothers' libraries, they are grateful for not ever having to go to a gynecologist or obstetrician.  Instead, HYGIEIA guides them to stay healthy!

HYGIEIA presents a radical approach to healing plant psychology. The author engages the soul of plants through their myths, anecdotal evidence sand present day uses. Plants are introduced as friends, as potent allies in a relationship with our own souls for the purpose of wholeness and living in balance on a day to day basis.

Dear Jeannine,

I bought your book "Hygieia: A Women's Herbal" when I was first living on my own.
The woman in my local herbal shop commented on how her personal copy was well-loved and dogeared. I have to say that my copy has lovingly achieved dog-ear status as well. I've looked to all of your books through my journey with menstrual health, fertility awareness, and pregnancy. The mythological and feminist themes in your writing as very important to me, especially in this time when people are hesitant to discuss spirituality and politics in the same breath as health.

Meeting you in person, for our consultation, was a wonderful experience. You helped me find words to describe the strong visions that guide me. The maieutic tradition has empowered me to heal myself, and to provide others with the space to heal themselves. I look forward to reading your future creative works and sharing in consultations!

Kara Spencer

Herbs are the body of this comprehensive textbook in self-healing. Plants, like women, know the secrets of life we know how to turn light into matter. When plants do it it is called photosynthesis when women become mothers, we do the same as embryogenesis. The herbs are organized according to the cycles of women. Herbs for Menarche through Menopause with chapters on Pregnancy, Birth and Lactation.

Herbs for the Mind, If You Are Getting Off of the Pill, Aphrodisiacs and Anaphrodisiacs and other chapters are all interwoven with poetry and inspirations, recipes for women's health. Also herbs are shared as allies for the common gynecological diseases and are listed in three indices by common name, botanic (Latin) name and by condition to which the herb is related. This herbal is no less than a (r)evolutionary invitation to all Goddesses-in-Embryo to realize our WHOLENESS as women. Not surprisingly, many of the men women love, buy HYGIEIA: A WOMAN'S HERBAL as a gift for their special one, which is treasured through the generations.

Plus Glossary, Bibliography, and many Appendices on Total Mothering, Dreams,Abortions, Circumcision, Bump Stories, etc.

FREESTONE PUBLISHING CO. 2535 S. Desert Rd, Moab, UT 84532 USA

$20 US plus $4 postage US. Canadian
$25 Global Priority mail (to participating countries)

24 June 2003

Dear Jeannine,

I met you through Marilyn Milos at age 12 through the book Hygieia: A Woman's Herbal. It was like discovering the Earth was round for the first time. Since then, I have and continue to hold everything you say with utmost respect. You are the reason I know the amazing power of herbs. You have helped me heal a childhood full of trauma. You are the reason I'm in love with being a woman. Meeting your son, Quinn was the reason I chose to never send my future children to school. I do believe that the truth of someone is manifested through their children. In studying Quinn's behavior, I realized that you ARE exactly what you preach. I had the chance to tell you this in person, but I'm extremely shy.

Thank you for everything,
Donelle Brierley
Yerington, NV


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Dear Jeannine,

I feel it important to let you know how I heard of you and your book, HYGIEIA: A WOMAN'S HERBAL.

In November 2001, I had acknowledged to myself that I might become in a dominated relationship without the self esteem that I needed to arise. I was diagnosed by a DO that I had a bacterial infection and was prescribed not one but two antibiotics with a sample of Zoloft. I threw the Zoloft away. I have practiced natural and holistic approaches for several years and only see a doctor if it is extremely severe. I reluctantly took a dose of the antibiotics and became physically more ill.

I laid down to meditate. At my right side a spirit woman elder showed herself to me. In 1995, I had seen her on one of my meditations and had given her permission to help me. I had not seen her since until this particular meditative occasion.

Through a series of visions with this spirit woman elder, I was led to where a copy f Hygieia is. The person who has this copy (who lives in Minnesota) told me that a medicine woman from California had given it to her.

The spirit woman elder showed me where to look in Hygieia as her message was that there was a three herb combination just pass halfway. The person who has the copy found it just as mentioned. I acquired the herbs the same twenty four hours and felt relief and healing within four hours.

I finally own a copy of Hygieia, one year and four months later. Thank you very much for writing it and for being who you are; as you have helped me to develop (not just save) my life.

Please always know that the ancient ones are helping you.

Many blessings for eternity,

A Reader
Lawrence, KS


The author says, "This book grew out of our need to be healthy and re-own the powers of naturally healing ourselves". Contains three indices, a glossary of mythological, feminist and gynecological terms, and blank pages in the back for notetaking. There are also herbal lists for emenogogues, infertility, temporary and permanant sterility, aphrodesiacs, reproductive organs and your cycle, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. here's a short synopsis.... chapter #1 - "on the rag" and other menstrual rituals (contains pattern for making your own menstral pads) #2 - fertility #3 - herbal birth control #4 - anaphrodesiacs #5 - aphrodesiacs #6 - herbs for the mind #7 - self health - what's the matter, coming off the pill #8 - balancers and toners (herbs for the cycle and reproductive organs) #9 - pregnancy, childbirth, lactation (plus placenta recipes, celestial influences) #10 - menopause: the change This is a very comprehensive, useful, and entertaining book. I like to just open it up at random and read a chapter. Or, when I want specific advise, I can just look in the index and turn to whatever pages fit. I find I get so engrossed, though, that I just can't stop! I especially like the letters from women and the dream interpretations.

Loi Caitlin
Single Parents Resource Network
Austin, TX

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